Safest lock and best place to buy them?

Hey guys,
I know there is a lot of talk about locks and theft on here, so i thought i’d start this. I’m chasing a solid lock that will be fine out in the elements, yet still of practical weight and size. What are your favourites?
Where is the cheapest place to buy them?

How safe is safe?
What price range are we talking?

My vote goes to armoured cable locks over D-locks. They don’t weigh a ton like the NY chain. They are flexible enough to wrap around weird shaped objects, unlike the D. (I hated my old one.) Easy to carry, 'cos you can wear them around your waist.

Expect to pay $80-100. *Yes, even with the exchange rate the way it is, still turns out cheaper. Try the UK ebay, I got my last one there. Their postage seems cheaper than the US.

even with the exchange rate the way it is i suggest the bay fo cheap stuff
ur best lock is any type of d-lock, mostly kryptonite are the most popular, and most shops will have a variety of sizes

Mutiple D’s. I use a Krypto Evo mini an Abus D and a cable when i park for a long time during the day. If it’s just out in front of the pub I just use the evo. You just need to take up smoking so you’ve got an excuse to go check it all the time :smiley: Krypto New York’s are the highest rated but they weigh a ton. = never carry it.

I’ve got a New York Fahgeddaboudit Mini… Weighs a Metric Tonne, but a least I sleep easier knowing my bike’s not likely to get knocked off…

What about your wheels? Those mini d-locks are good…but you can’t lock your wheels up, right?

You can lock up the rear. That’s why I use the other D and the cable.

If you lock the rear wheel between the seatstays and the chainstays then it means the frame is locked too unless your rear wheel fits through your rear triangle.
That just leaves the front wheel…

That’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard for smoking.

As for locking my bike I just use a fairly cheap D-lock and cable lock for the wheels if I’m being more cautious.
But I’m thinking I should probably upgrade to a better D-lock. I hate lugging around super big heavy hunks of metal, so want a Kryptonite Evo Mini and will probably just end up getting it online from Cell for $89 + postage.

It’d probably work out cheaper to get it from the US but I like getting stuff locally, and knowing it will arrive the day after I order it.

I always have better bikes to lock up next to anyway, that seems effective.

or $100 at BSC

Krypto Evo mini does the job well and you can pocket it if need be. locks around standard bike pole things in street. I got one earlier in year for around $50 each when a few of us ordered bulk from the US from seasonal outfitters on ebay. That was the good ol US dollar days though…