sale at fitzroy revolution...

so i feel a bit weird about doing this, but whatevs. i was in the shop today, and there are some sweet deals to be had. some of you deserve sweet deals.

so yeah.

fitzroy revolution are having a sale tomorrow only. everything is 15% off. some stuff is 60% off.

they have a pretty good range of fixie / ss stuff, including the soma double clips and straps someone was asking about here the other day.

go check it out. or don’t. i’m just letting you know it’s on.

out of interest, why do you feel weird posting that they have a sale on?

I hate that shop.

rude cunts. really rude cunts.

Yeh, why why?

you should’ve told them you were my boyfriend…

will that hurt or hinder more brendan? I’ve got no real love for the shop either, was wondering why you didnt either :slight_smile:

because i’m one of their ‘supported riders’.