Same bike wadda ya reckon?

Sold in S.A recently,

Being quickly flipped in NSW.

Check out the BS about how he built it himself. :lol:

why would you ruin the colour_way of that bike by swapping out the wheels with shitty StarsRims? sure looks like the guy is trying to make a profit off it

man this guy is dreeemin.

Nice spot justdave! If you look at the date he said he got it (14/02/10), that would make sense considering the first bike was bought on the 04/02/10. By the time payment and postage was finalised, that would almost line-up perfectly

its the same bike, just have a look at the feedback.

customer service from hell, unfriendly and extremely rude Buyer:
baralah ( 14 [Feedback score is 10 to 49] )
12-Feb-10 17:29

Reply by spokenrose (13-Feb-10 04:01):
Unfriendly!!! you got your bike in 4 days try kmart next time!!!

2010 Giant Bowery Mash size Medium (#260544690967)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m sorry guys; I couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent him the following: -

Dear baralah,

Hmmm, custom build hey? It’s not the same as this bike that you bought on the 04/02/10 is it (Only with different/cheaper wheels)?

If you’re going to lie to people, maybe do it where the item wasn’t bought on eBay in the first place.

Awaiting a response…

Pretty sure they are S/S wheels only as well, not flip flop as he states.

Very shonky.

Hmmm, he’s sly I’ll give him that. Here’s his response…

Dear funky_bunch_man,


Accusing people of lying is a very strong statement don’t you think? My advice is to be very careful with your action, because if I don’t participate in any illegal activity, of such activity that will breach my terms and condition with Ebay, I would be very carefull for accusing people from lying, especially in public forum. Because I could perceive that as defamation.


P.S. All the very best in finding a better value or cheaper road bike

  • baralah

Defamation?? DOUCHE

you could suggest to him that defamation only applies if the accusation is not based on fact

Just did :smiley:

alarm bells…

ive been in (sensible) contact with the seller too

claims he sources the parts and frame on the east coast himself yet he has left feedback on the auction from SA which is an identically built bike and you would have to be insane if you think its a different bike given the extremely random seatpost/crank/fork etc combination on there

if i was in the market i would absolutely not be buying this bike

As The JAMS has said already, he’s trying to make some $ off the wheels. I think the issue is that he is bullshitting so comprehensively in his description of how he put it together

lol. you guys are bored ey?

who really cares. he’s selling the bike. yes, he’s used a liberal amount of BS, but BS sells on ebay! look how much people paid for that industrie POS.

anyhow, heckle on.

Alex618: Internet crusader, preventer of track bike crime, expose and lover of small reptiles here to the rescue once again :wink:

hey he can go profit of a bike all he wants, its the lies that i have a problem with

Just stirring you up.

If only the Democrats where still around. You would have fitted in perfectly with their motto “Keep the bastard honest”

Any way keep up the good work Internet crusader!