Samson Cycles in the b-wick

Popped in here to get some spokes replaced after meeting with a branch.
Ryan hooked me up with an old wheel that he had that was the same as my old one for heaps cheaper than respoking would have cost me and was an all round cool guy (in my opinion).
Checked out the bikes he has. They aren’t anything fancy but they look really good for the price and from my limited knowledge looked like a good deal.
I didn’t see much about him on here so thought I would pass on some good feedback. Any of you folks know anything about the frames/setups he has?

He used to be on here. Occasionally was a dick, he no longer posts here.

Don’t know anything about his set ups or his past but he comes across as very decent and was great with his customers.

I was after a spacer in a weird old size and he was cool with me looking through his collection of stuff. He let a chick off the street take a bike for a spin and was very helpful in answering dumb questions between serving. I thought he went out of his way to help when he was under the pump which says a lot IMO

I hear he worked at Reid before deciding to do it himself.

I have heard ungreat things about the samson bikes from other wrenches that have worked on them, super low spec/quality

Very much get what you pay for price wise with them…

I have had some ungreat dealings with him because he didn’t want to listen to me when he was trying to swap out a giant OD2 fork. To hear more ungreat things ask around to people that have worked with him previously.

What was his name on here?


Oh that guy