Samson Illusion

I went all the way to Tokyo and all I got…

…was this lousy* Samson.

Here’s a teaser pic.

It’s a little something I picked up in at Dreamworks in Tokyo the other week.

Samson “Illusion” Keirin track frame. Columbus tubing. NJS stamped. Full chrome under wine red paint with gold flake. Hatta Swan NJS head set and bottom bracket.

Full build will be finished by Sunday. Just waiting on some grips.

Parts that are now on it…

Nitto 58º stem.
Sugino 75 crankset and 45t chainring.
Nitto “Crystal Fellow” seat post.
Kashimax Aero seat.
Nitto Risers.
Gold Izumi chain.
Black MKS pedals
Chrome MKS clips.
Black Christophe toe straps.
Campy Record hubs laced to Rigida rims with Phil Wood 17t sprocket.

*There’s nothing lousy about this frame.

how much did it set you back? (including plane tix) :stuck_out_tongue:

Samson frames are super sick.

Good luck with the Kashimax! Ouch :smiley:

Get it on the track this summer.

Sweet, super keen to see that thing built up!

quick thread hijack, are you the brother of josh pringle?

Haha, yeah! He mentioned having a weird convo with you the other day. Small world!

zoltan i hope you are going to do some racing soon, considering you now have a racing bicycle!

yeah I’m keen to know, just as a comparison to buying online, other than not payin shipping, is it much cheaper???

Well considering I was already going to Japan for a holiday, and I happened to buy a frame over there, it was ever so slightly cheaper than buying one online (not factoring in plane tickets). I didn’t have to pay any import duty or anything (which you may have to pay when buying online) or any postage. If I included plane tickets into the cost of the frame, it would be about $1000 more expensive and ridiculously priced. But if I went there and bought a skateboard deck (like last time) I wouldn’t add $1000 onto the cost of the deck. There’s a Samson Illusion frame on here right now (scroll down a bit, it’s black, silver and white under the lavender Makino) which is more expensive than mine was (it’s in USD), and shipping has to be added to that. Also, from what I can gather Samson, Nagasawa and 3 Rensho frames are the most expensive NJS frames.

Also, there’s some pictures of the Samson builder at work here that I found the other day. I want a Samson pen holder!

jolan, she built up yet?


All built up.

I might try and shoot a pic or two tonight, and post em tomorrow.

That sparkle is crazy in those photo’s.
Looks schweeet. :slight_smile:

This is Dream Works (just outside of Shibuya) where I bought the frame from (which I’m holding and not doing any JPY > AUD conversions in my head)… As you can see how a) happy I am, and b) how freaking small the shop was.

i almost bought that red 3rensho on the bottom right of that pic when i was in there last week but it was a tad too big for me but perfect for my mate so i think he’s getting it.

How awesome is the guy that runs the store?

So cool.

bike looks very nice, love the paint job.


Gonna swap the stem out for a longer one tonight. I feel a bit too far back.

Just pop it up then.

Looks great.

set up a Flickr already! i am so keen to see your holiday snaps of every fixie you saw haha