San Marco Regal

looking at getting a new saddle and i think ive settled on a regal does anyone know where i can purchase one in melbourne (black, not the white printed one) and not online?

I ve read lots of good reports on these, has anybody got any bad reports on em?

thanks heaps

They are kick ass saddles. I have one and I love it. It fits better than my Rolls.

A few places like Cecil Walker have them, but they cost twice what you pay for them os. The dollar is great at the moment.

Its hard to resist the great pull of internet bargains.
Let me know when you find a cheap local source.

I should add, I’m all for buying local and helping out the LBS, especially things like wheels etc. There are just a few things like saddles and accessories that you can’t pass up a 40-50% discount on.

im all for supporting my LBS…when they are not rude cunts

there is only a couple of bike stores i like giving my business to, but sometimes i drop the ball and find myself in a store being served by a douchebag with a mouthfull of dimsim

what are the differences between this and the rolls?
My rolls doesnt seem to be working out for me the past month or so.
i think its time to try something else.

Robbie McEwen rides a San marco regal.

Anna Meares rides a Rolls.

Which of their butts does yours most look like?

So by your logic I can get a Rolls Saddle, have my bum turn into the shape of Anna Meares? Then I could spank my own arse rather than wishing to spank hers! SWEET!

So whose would you boil up to make soup?

did ya bum change shape?

I’m sold.

My Regal arrived yesterday, ended up getting it from for half of what it is locally

reallly reallly comfortable, im gonna get another for my other bike and whatever bike comes after that one.

would recommend to anyone

not that im aware of, but i have lost a little bit of weight over the last 6months.

i did however change my seat post and stem, which has put me in a more upright position, which for some reason seems to have put more pressure on my gooch resulting in numbness if im on my bike for an hour or so.

how are those seats with the cut outs? do they actually work?

I’ve tried a couple, a max-flyte trans-am and something-or-other from specialized - they both felt like I was sitting on a cookie cutter. That said, both are now with people who love them. The trans am flexed so much it pinched my soft parts, but it’s true that I am a fat bastard.

Like all saddles, the answer is it depends.

a friend of mine swears by em says they are the only ones that dont numb his toes

I’ve called my dick all sorts of things but have never called it my toes. ???

I have TransAms on all my bikes. Love’em. Never had numb toes since I started using them. Of course, the saddle shape has to suit your toes, but the cutout is available for several different styles and shapes.