Sancineto Super Prestige: Columbus MAX

My new build; more details later - it’s a Columbus MAX from little known Italian frame builder Sancineto. Don’t know if there are many (any?) others in Australia.

Fastback stays, bladed seat stays, heaps of details in the lugs. Beautiful.


PS yes, cage is temporary; waiting for some King ti cages to arrive.

wowsers…love that paint!

Them there seat stays are beautiful ! Awesome bike, well done.

Did you buy frame/fork and then do the build??

Damn mang! So torn whether to attempt this sub 6kg crabon roadie build when i get home or scrap it and build a max roadie!

^Both you pussy.
This thing is sooo nice wow.
What cassette have you got on those shamal ti’s.

I know of a couple.

nearly bought one myself, cicli berlinetta in Berlin has some NOS Sancineto’s in my size.

Never quite liked the paint enough to drop the serious monies needed to secure one though.

Love this build, hat flat bars on it last time i saw it?

I like this very much

Beautiful frame and classy build. Jealous.

Yep, frame and fork, and built it up.

Running Campagnolo 11-25 record ti. It’s a 9/10/11s compatible cassette body :slight_smile:

Would love to see them! Google didn’t turn out many hits for Sancineto. Would also love to know a bit more about the marque/builder.

This is from Cicli Berlinetta. There’s a massive 59cm MAX one with a similar (same?) paint job. I wasn’t sold on it either, but it’s way better than I expected and Dustin didn’t do it justice when selling it. The bladed stays, rear brake bridge detail, bottom bracket shell panto - I didn’t even know it was there!

I don’t think this one’s ever been built; it certainly is the first time it’s been built here, and never had flat bars.

The build is
Campy record 10 ti
Campy shamal ti 9/10/11s
Cinelli XA stem
Cinelli Giro D’Italia bars
Campy record h/set
Campy record shield seatpost
Selle Italia Concor w/Busyman saddle (but was trimmed for the other bike; waiting for the saddle for this bike to arrive)

Descends like a demon, climbs pretty well for a boat anchor :wink:

It worth the extra weight :slight_smile:

There’s two more in that cOlour in Melbz then, one (which I thought was this) is about the same size but now I think about it he had it built up with DA, and then another in the 60m floating around. When I was there last year none of the guys at the shop particularly loved it, couldn’t stop them from talking up CBT though. Did you just go to Berlin or you found it on the net?

there is plenty of weight in those rims so once they are moving look out! the climbing wont be helped by the really low spoke count. i didn’t realise how noodlely my vento 16s were until i got a modern wheel set on the coppi.
my favourite thing was the howling noise you get when cornering at 70+km/h as the fat bladed spokes sing under load and the cross wind coming through em… it’s a little spooky though when you realise, lose a spoke at that speed and with that kinda load on the wheel and it’s blood and sparks… lots of both :smiley:

i have one as a work bike. ruby has trhe other… maybe one day i will post a photo before i break it

YUP i’ve got one those two! 60cm wChorus 11 / record hubs and OP rims. I think i have an excuse to get a new bike now.

post #599 here -

How much did you pay? I got mine NOS from Track C#@T for $1200. Chris Barker bought his 58cm used in Ebay in for something stupid like $300. Chris has DA with a flat bar and Chris King hubs.

Chris’ is a 57 and it’s too small for him. Prick wont sell it to me even though I told him about the auction.

That’s pretty good reuben, i contacted cicli berlinetta and they quoted me about 1200 landed here.

Nice feature on Cycle Exif today!