Sandblasting & Powder Coat

I’m getting my frame powder coated tomorrow, and there’s the offer the have it sand blasted. Will this effect some of the copper welding?

Do a search for other threads on blasting/coating for more info.

You’ll have to bead/grit blast before powdercoating to provide a clean, oil free, textured surface for the coating to ‘key’ into.

Grit (garnet/walnut media) blasting can blow through thin walled tubing, bead blasting (glass/polymer beads) is gentler, but so is a good operator that has experience with bikes.

Also make sure that all threads are protected from blasting and coating so you don’t ruin them. Junk BB cups and some M5 bolts will take care of most of it. Re-tap/face everything when you’re done if you have access to the tools.

The temperature that the powder is cured at won’t affect the brazing, it’s less than 200ºC from memory. If you had filled dings with lead like in autobody work, I’d be worried.

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Thanks for the tips. This guy is pretty good, and does bikes for another friend, so should apparently go pretty well.

Seeing as it’s an old bike and parts at the moment, I think I’ll put the existing BB cups back on, I’d rather get new ones anyway.

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I have had someone recommend soda blasting for a frame, but I have yet to test it out. Has anyone had any experience with this type of paint stripping?

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