Sarroni Track in Canberra, Kuwahara in Melbs?

Saronni track, looks powder coated, and smallish.

Colnago ‘Saronni’ Track Bike - eBay Other, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 25-Oct-10 21:22:10 AEDST)

Looks like a possible kuwahara track in melbs?

no link to the kuwuhara?

if you do decide to get the Saronni, i’d be interested in buying the spare handlebars off you. he won’t split them off :frowning:

ps. it doesn’t have the saronni profile on the headtube

its too small for you anyway jimmy

jimmy - link fixed, sorry. And im not sure if its a kuwahara, but it looks jap-ish.

hello - was just quoting what the seller wrote, but saronni’s were made by colangos if im not mistaken, hence the clover on the head tube lugs?

i’d love to pick it up and give it some life back… restore it if u will. Always had a soft spot for Saronni.

Man, gotta have this Saronni (and ditch my hillbrick) to complete my Colnago track + roadie collection.

yeah, but i thought all saronnis had his face on the headtube instead? might be mistaken, i’ve only ever seen one before this one

im sure its been repainted bra

my guess is powercoat. shame, but could be brought back.

That Japanese track/training frame could be a great buy, but I don’t think it’s a Kuwahara.
The three that I’ve seen have had Suntour dropouts, slightly different detailing and Ishiwata triple butted tubing, which often means a 27.0 seatpost.