Sat 22nd Sep is Warbi day

Feel like stretching the legs on a longer ride? I’m going to do the Warbi ride Sat 22nd Sep.
Schedule will be the same as the last one i.e. 0710 train from the Flinders St Stn and get out at Lilydale 0815, stop for lunch in Warbi before heading home up the bigarse hill (oh and a stop in for coffee and chat at CogBike Cafe of course).
Everyone is welcome fixed or not.

Sounds fun- how many kays is it?


do you count these ones nath. you could do them on the rollers? :wink:

How about Sunday instead?

Alot cheaper to do it on a Sunday…

TightArse Des :smiley:

Try all you like Lats, it’s not going to work on me. hahaha.

You’ve lost me now.
Whats not going to work?

Your campaign of torment for next week. I thought you were starting early :wink: heh

okay, I’ll start now.
You gonna come riding in the rain on Saturday morning to Mornington?
early start

yeah - but Brent and I are going to continue on to Portsea. What time are you guys starting?

(p.s. road trip to Dunc Gray is off [sadface])

Nah I’d prefer Saturday because I’ll most likely be at DISC on Sunday.
I’ll shout you a muffin from Cog Des :wink:

I’m nota coming to portsea this weekend. Would love too, but have too much to do round the pad. Probably somewhere between 6 and 7 from BP or Racer so I can be back home by 11 ish

:cry: indeed.

The boards ain’t going anywhere though, maybe another time :slight_smile:


I may have been integral to the Dunc Gray trip failing… sorry fellahs. :oops:

i hadnt even heard of the dunc gray trip and i’m sad about it failing!
audax is doing a warby trail on 22nd, with donna buang thrown in at warb.

See you there Chris, although i would also prefer Sun but am not overly fused.

Sorry guys, I’ll be away that weekend - but I’d really like to ride up DB some time soon. Maybe a bit further into spring :slight_smile:

You took your top off again didn’t you? I thought you were warned about the ramifications of those actions :evil:

hahahha I keep forgetting about the photos. Maybe we can use it for the next hour record flyer :wink:

Oh how word gets around… seriously, I have never seen ndf so shocked- he was looking at me like ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ ‘You just broke the No.1 rule of cycling’