sat 28th nov

shirts and i gunna go for a mid morning ride at about 9:30 or 10… maybe airport run or something of equal ease. open to suggestions. maybe meet ppl at roma st station or somewhere over that way if anyones interested

might be a bit late in the day to do the airport loop bro - traffic might be pretty shit.

any other suggestions then? or u wanna leave a bit earlier?

where’s the meet point?
(going out tonight but - so not an absolute definite)

I am also interested in a ride of some description. Precise time and place would be a benefit.

not sure whats goin on guys… shirts m.i.a. im still keen for a ride but not sure on a loop or time. open to suggestions… havnt done airport run b4 but if its gunna be too buisy might have to skip taht one

ok meating at global guts at spring hill/petrie terrice . that school(dunno what its called) at 10 am sound aight?

Global gutz started out side Brisbane Grammar on Gregory Terrace, right? I’ll see you there at 10am.

yeah id say thats the one… who are u anyways sponge?
but yeah if its on gregory terrace id say thats the one we talking bout.

it is spring hill or petrie yeah?