Sat Pre Pushies Gravel Grind

7.26am - BNFG Beenleigh via Brisbane City to Ferny Grove, platform 1 arriving at 7.57am.

There’s one at 6.56am which will get you there at 7.27am.

Ferny Grove Line, Sat Morning from Central starts at 4:56am and every half hour after that. It’s a 31min train ride.

Scroll down on this.

Ferny Grove Line | TransLink

so are we still pushing the start time out late?? or is it still on for a reasonably early start?

If you guys are keen to go early thats kool

Be there by 8? How does that suit everyone? Lock it in? Glad wrappa? El Brado?

earlier the better! im in

8 sounds good, #jamthegram #bikebikebikebikebikebikebike

sweaty dudes in tight pants thats my kinda weekend

I’ll be there whatever the start time. I like early, but 8 will be OK.

i’ll be there!

how about roll out at 8 on the dot??

less fluffing around at the start means a cruisier ride and more faffing about during/after the ride!

artists impression of the ride

Yeah by ‘be there by 8’, I meant arrive a bit before so we’re hot to trot at 8 otherwise you’ll miss hella dank nugz and log hoppin’

I will aim to get there around 7.30 and do some warm-up car park laps.

I will be there on the train that gets there at 730, front carriage. Conversation will include favorite donut fillings, the future of bespoke underwear manufacturers and stools.

so its sorted. we roll out at 8 sharp!

see ya’ll then!

See you kents at the station at 8 dawwgggs

Sorry I’m out - have some packaging issues for the Reds v Waratahs rugby match tomorrow night to cover.

(If anyone wants 740 000 illegal beer cups I can put you in touch with a packaging company based in Melbourne beginning with L who will be trying to hock stock)

hey - i know this is a stoopid question - but what PSI do u do for them MTB tyres. (literally my second ride on these bad-boys)

If it is mainly fireroads, 40psi should work.

Good ride Zach, thanks for showing us the way. My hills for the week are done.


Gravel Grindin and ‘Grammin | DJ GLAD RAPPA

And yeah! thanks Zach and the crew. Great ride!