Sat Ride - 22 May 10

Have been on a magic carpet for months and not able to fit a Saturday ride in but think I may head out this Saturday.

Same deal as the old Saturday morning rides. Out to Lake George and back along the Old Fed Hwy, then breakfast at Spill The Beans, Dickson. 60-70km all up depending on where you live.

Meet at Kamberra Winery carpark. 7 am.

It is an out and back ride so you can turn around anytime and get picked up on the return if you so desire.

Lycra encouraged, I’d say 69-73 gear inches would be appropriate. Singlespeeds welcome.

Let me know if you’re turning up so that I know whether to roll by or stop. Cheers.

Dude you read my mind.

Ah!! I’m in Hobart this weekend. I need two things from you, Ty. Cask number on your lark bottle, and an indication of keeness to hit bruce ridge tomorrow night.

Johnny Squarepants - i don’t know who you are and find it somewhat alarming that a) i read you mind b) you want to be my friend and c) you seem to wear odd clothing. Your attention would be best directed toward a user called ‘caffeine’, although i haven’t seen him on here lately?!?!?

JP - pretty sure i bought the third last bottle of that barrel, but i’ll get you the deets anyhoo. And some sugar if you are willing to be me mule? Tomorrow night sounds good!

I may do that ride, but not fixed, so I’ll keep an eye out and say hi if I see you, would be nice to know a few more fixie riders in Canberra.

Caffeine? That jerk? No relation whatsoever.

As for odd clothing, when the leaves have fallen it’s time to reach for the tweed…

I’ll try and make it out. On a bike I built especially for this forum.

  • Joel

In sydney this weekend, I do need to get back on the bike though.

you built us a bike Joel?

you’re a sweet kid.

Great to see some moderate interest but i need at least one solid otherwise i ride a different way and don’t pass Kamberra Winery. Cheers.

On a different note altogether, there was a ride in brief discussions one Friday night over a few beers where we would head out on the highway and finish up at a pub somewhere and stay the night and roll back to Canberra on the Sunday.

Is anyone still keen on this? if there is, should we start throwing some dates together?

Yep, Collector pub. Super keen! I’ll start investigating stuff. Thanks for reminding me!

Bushranger Hotel|Collector|NSW

There ya go

i wouldn’t mind gettin in on the pub ride - keep us posted Ty!

What, I don’t count as a solid? Sheesh.

Hmmm, i was told when i was young not to talk to strangers, but i suppose riding with them is okay…