Sat ride as usual (Melb 28/1)

As above.

All are welcome … even non-fixies.

Cnr of Swanston and Elgin st in Carlton. Behind Melb Uni at the bus shelter. 7.30am


Great ride today …

In attendence: John, Craig, Dan, Nick (primz) and myself

Ride today was an easy roll down port melbourne and back. Good company, good weather, good roads and good bikes to perv at.

After the ride, John and myself hung around for Nick (853) to show up for more riding (yeah, why not?). Most of this session involved doing crazy skids on wet smooooooth concrete at the museum. John was pulling off some crazy graceful as yer like 180 skids to trackstand. Some guys just have too much skill …

Till next week,

full version:

180 skid to trackstand… nice. so that means roguedubb, you could potentially ride into a set of lights backwards, and 180 to front-facing track stand? :slight_smile:

obligatory meet photo


Once again, excellent photo.

I like the way you captured the bike lane marking at the bottom.


Backwards skids… hmmm.

Now you’re just getting crazy.