saturday afternoon session

Starting April 4th
Everyone is encouraged to come.

For more info contact - A.J. Song

Sounds good AJ will try and make it this week!

fuck yeah! right aj?

yesyes that’s right lewis marford!!

Nice to have meet all those that showed up :smiley: was a good afternoon of fixed related shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:

When’s the next outing AJ?

It will be on this SAT.
Last one wasn’t too bad
hope weather gets betta

Thanks AJ i had fun last Sat good fun lad…

is this on every saturday afternoon?


See u guys tomorrow…!!!

another good Saturday afternoon/evening of fixed related shenanigans.

AJ has gone, and left me in charge of his sat arvo ride. A trick session followed by a quick sat night ride sounds goood. so all turn up on sat arvo at the memorial at 1pm. and enjoy the weekend!!!

Sounds good :smiley: 1pm is earlier than usual!
People only started showing up at like 5 or 6pm once there were done with work…

jase doesn’t finish until 6pm for instance.

Yeah maybe, but it get so dark early now. no light no fun. i was thinking of going for a ride before hand, then coming back to the memorial for like 6pm with some tricky fun. that way we can have a nice ride then go nuts. so if we meet at the memorial at like 4? head out then come back for 6?. any ideas

yeah that sounds reasonable… I guess we can always play it by ear and work out who else is interested and what time… That’s easy enough!

i like the idea of a ride before hand though :smiley:

Um, i dont see Eating World anywhere on that schedule! WHAT THE FUCK!!

eating world is always on the agenda :stuck_out_tongue:

I have plans Saturday night so will have to flake at some point…

There’s always after LEWIS! i will bring a bbq, we can have some TOFU. how was the ride last night?

The Sun is out and we still on for today???

yeah ill be there at four for a ride out to watsons bay, then back for some flatland.