Saturday morning or Sunday ride

Hoy Hoy!

Who wants to hit up some dirt this weekend? It’s the first time I have been in town for a while on the weekend and I am full of beans to hit up some of that pedalling and talking action.

I am pretty certain I will be hitting up Stromlo on Saturday morning for a couple of laps separated by some breakfast (I will be bringing my portable stove for coffee and bacon and eggs!) if anyone is keen… although I may need to leave early as there will be a cracker of an Ice Hockey game on Saturday late morning that I want to catch.

Sunday… well, I know some polo may be being played so I might skip along to that.

Wah, I need to build a dirt friendly bike!

I’ll be out on the tar on sat and sun morning

Yeah you do, it’s where the fun is at.

geez, sorry mate, I was away from the computer too much this weekend. I’m going to try get a ride and lunch going for next weekend as an adios of sorts and will let you know the details… not sure if it will be dirty or not.

Daaaaaamn, I am away in Sydney next weekend JP!