Saturday Morning Ride!! 9 May

Hey dudes and dudette’s,

Planned to ride this saturday morning. Early! Well not really really early!
Tim can’t make thursday night ride and wants to break his new pony in…

[b]Start: Gear @ 5:30am rolling off just before 6am

Where: Airport and back! (Approx 40 km) ITS FLAT!!

Planning to stop on the way back in the Valley/New Farm or West End for [/b] BREAKFAST

Just give us a shout out on this thread if you plan to attend just so we know who is coming and who to wait for…

For anyone who hasn’t don’t an early morning ride before. Its a pretty effn’ nice way to start the day and a lil cool temperature wise, so bring sumthin warm which u will most likely take off after about 10km.


Done it before, it is a great ride. Count me in Gypo! Might see if I can get some of Kath’s muffins for the start as well.

Damn. I’m working at West End at 7:30. Could certainly push and make it by that time but it’d be a bit rough for the rest of the day. Would be keen to organise for a weekday morning airport loop, i love the Lomandra Drive pull.

I am in.

me and mah white mash potato should be there

i’ll let you know… sounds good but i just may be on the coast

i guess ill have to be busy then if lochy is :smiley:

Should only take an hour :wink:

I was going to ride my Ken to the airport, but I started pulling it apart to replace the cables. I got a bit carried away and now it is in little bits.

That means I only have my carbon bike up and running.

If you want me to ride 10 meters behind the group and refer to me only as ‘the roadie scum’ I will understand.

It could be worse I guess - but I don’t have a recumbent…

Nah it’s cool Brad. I rode my roadie on the weekend and apart from a bit of mud slinging it was all cool. I’ll defo be fixed on Saturday though!

im in and welcome anyone wif gears to provide some pace up front - tho I may have to put the front wheel down if things get a lil serious


Stoked! this should be a good ride, glad to see crew are up for the early one.
my pony is ready to pop its cherry on a distance ride.

MMMM…bacon and fresh coffee after, cant wait :slight_smile:

I should be there…but this is no river loop so I won’t be destroying myself, just wanna go for a nice roll

:evil: Help me out here shirts :evil:

you mean the prvious riverloop run entailed destroying yourself? could have done that speed with flat rires :stuck_out_tongue:

I shouldn’t type with my elbows

not at all, iv been around a TRACK bike long enough, trust me i can more than keep up ;), but there is a difference between riding and being social and just getting on the front and smashing,

weekday morning river loops are far more appropriate for anti-social smashing and half wheeling :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it will be nice gentle pace though (or at least I’ll be riding at one). No problem with including a few short sprints on the straight sections though for those that want to show off their superman legs as long as wait to collect everybody at the end of the sprint.

thats it, iv got no problem with sitting on a decent pace, so that everyone can enjoy the ride.

also the waiting bit helps too once the half-wheelers have had their fix :stuck_out_tongue: :-o