saturday night acmc open race

hey everyone

i hope you all know about the ACMC’s in sydney this easter weekend.
there are details on austbma, sydbma and

saturday night there is an open race for everyone. starting at the landsdowne hotel at 7.30 and finishing at the cricketers arms. (no it’s not a race straight to the cricketers)

it’s going to be a fun night, i promise
let everyone you see know about it. got shiteloads of prizes too

hoo roo

Yeah, basically a shot at getting couriers and non couriers riding together in sydney.

Plus its going to be a kick ass night and a great chance to hang out with some top riders from across the country and even a few internationals.

Hi Just wanderin How can I registered…??

Lansdown Hotel
2 City Rd, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia

No kidding. Just drove past and there are maybe 60 bikes locked up out the front.

Yeh - check that - just couldn’t stick around, look likes its gona be a big night!

I was thinking “wtf are all the bikes going to go?”. Pretty heavily trafficked area, by both foot and car.

How did it go? I was too busy at work today to find out in person.