Saturday ride 26/9/09

Meet at the store at 10:30am.
Just cause we have so many GINGAZ among us (you know who you are) - and cause I am one too - and cause we have done the REDcliffe ride a few times: this time we are riding to REDbank. yeah. I think it will be around 50-60ks return. It is a bit bumpy in the middle, but no one will get left behind and most of the ride is on bike path and back streets. Shouldn’t have too many wind issues either …plenty of water stops, and maybe a stop at the redbank pub?


Sounds good.


be back well before goofy starts! yep

tougher ride than I thought. Lol.
pretty destroyed after! luckily we beat most of the psycho dust wind.
the tap water in redbank is to be avoided.
thanx to Ed and shirtz.

I ended up drinking my full bottle of Redbank water. Haven’t died yet :mrgreen:

I drank my full hydro-pack of it too. Similarly haven’t died, but now possess the strangest urge to consume nothing but xxxx bitter and have untoward relations with other members of my family