saturday rippage

who’s up for rollin saturday morning? maybe 9am grattan swanston is that too late? :stuck_out_tongue:

We usually roll from 7.30 at the cnr of swanston and elgin st.

9am’s a sleep-in :smiley:

Franga and back leaving at 9am with a bunch of mates on roadies
From Cafe Racer (To be confirmed) - We might go north into the hills

PM if your interested. 3 hours in the saddle

3 hours in the saddle??? fuck that. Can i come along for heckling? The TDF always make cyclists nuts this time of year.

Ask JP about our 5 hour slog…

…(slog for me, walk-in-the-park for he)…

…to the You Yangs!

Three hours on the saddle talking shit with your mates on a Saturday morning. No chicks around. Good coffees at the end.

Its a regular. And for some of my buddies, the only time we get to catch up with each other regularly.

Anyone is more than welcome to join