Save the date - fixiegc

two years of internet ruckus and bike sports.

alleycat plus bbq

condensing pat on head

Thought i would just throw this up.

This is the night before I fly overseas for 6 months… it is quite tempting…

details have been updated,

manned check points, suburbs , ruckus and decent prizes

all welcome!

sneak peak of the prizes

Definitely interested. Are there more details than the meeting point?

"For those are racing we are starting at skilled stadium
(stadium dr & cheltenham drive) at 7pm and racing around the suburbs to checkpoints etc.

For those who arent keen to race we will be having some drinks and food etc at the finish point. Venue to be announced in the next few days.

we have a bunch of great prizes for all so come down and celebrate two years of bike sports!"

keep an eye on the site for more details
2nd anniversary

2nd anniversary – THIS WEEKEND!

dont forget its this weekend

sorry mate got the folks up, missing this one