saving roadies

Today I drove to my parents in Newborough and before I got to the bunyip lavender farm I saw a roadie in the grass on the side of the highway hunched over his bike on the phone.
Being the nice bloke I am, I did a u turn and went back to see what he was up to.
I pull up and get out of my car and ask him if he is alright. He says that he has a flat and I ask if he wants a pump. He said he doesn’t have a tube, do i have a puncture repair kit? I offered him a tube instead and he was shocked that someone would be carrying a tube in their car. He didn’t have tyre levers either so I whipped out my tools and got to work changing his tyre.
His story was that he had this bike on layby for 6 weeks after thinking of buying a roadbike for a couple years. The guy at the shop gave him a tube, pump etc etc with the bike but because he was just going on a quick 40km ride, thought carrying a tube was a waste of time. I had a bit of a chuckle at his expense and by this time I had fixed his tube and had his wheels back on.
He took my name and address saying he would send me a tube for my troubles and off I went.
He asked a couple of question about my surly on the bike rack and that was that.
Nice bloke, just a bit unprepared
The end

imagine if all drivers were like you

good puncture karma coming your way :wink:

Yeah, you are a good dude.

can i have your number? I had a flat today and had to walk home 30mins… next time I could just call u

Kinda like RACV roadside for bikes.

I’m the opposite, when I see a roadie chained up I let their tyres down

I did this some time ago also. I wasn’t driving though, I was on my bmx. I think he was more surprised that a bmx rider carried a 700c tube in his bag, and that we don’t all just want to drink and spraypaint everything.
I guess you can’t judge all roadies on the arrogance of 90% of them. It feels good helping people.

man, just when i thought i had bmx riders figured out…

I got a flat this afternoon and had to patch it because I gave that guy my last tube!

:expressionless: so much for karma

that sucks you got a flat after that good deed iwearmoccos :cry:

one time i got a flat on footscray rd (bikepath) and had 6 people offer to help me (2 asking if i needed a tube) in a mere 10 minute time frame. it was around commute time and i was going the opposite direction to them all.

luckily i was within walking distance of my house so i didn’t take any of them up on their offers and just went home and fixed it. six in ten minutes though. impressive!

i pulled a chain out of a cluster for a roadie on the boulie one afternoon. it was stuck between the cluster and the spokes. i guess there’s sometimes a need for pie plates after all.

…or limit screws :smiley:

were they riding into a headwind and looking for an excuse for a rest? :evil: