Say it aint so!

Mazza Columbus MAX Track Bike Fixie Campagnolo Shamal in Richmond, VIC | eBay

Please #foamafia, keep it in the family!

Yeah this needs to go to a good home,

I’m tempted by the pinarello but I’m not sure if the size is right, especially considering I’ve had a fit on my Fuji track pro…

With that bike you’d make it fit

Vintage Mazza Team 94 Frameset Columbus Max Tubing | eBay

No max fork on that one, must have been a team mate of the original owner of mine, he told me he was the only guy big enough to get all max frames…

at that price too!

He has a nice set of Corima wheels for sale also

bump folks, get on this. 8 mins!!


the pinarello went. listing gone. last minute mafia dealz? who got it?

Whoever gets any of Coffee Ben’s stuff - can you please leave positive feedback, 94.1% is a bit low, and Ben’s a rad dude.

Yep total dude people should buy this stuff

yeah sorry, i was talkin bout the pinarello, forgot this wasn’t a thread about that!

20 mins folks, time to sell those organs!

Relisted :frowning:

what happened?