Saying Hey + Presenting myself

Hey there,

Glad to find this spot online to get around knowing what’s happening with fixed gears.
I’ve been riding for a few months now here in Aus with fixed and got to say, I can’t even go round the corner without it.

Now, to what’s important, here’s Alex (clockwork orange that is)

Hope I blend it and get to ride round East Sydney these days.

nice spoke card collection, nice bike all round actually:)
what frame is that?


Keep making them laminated cards, people tend to grab them, so keeps a good rotation :cool:
Frame is a 56’, Steel 4130 Chromoly.

It’s a cell mallet 2

Cell Mallet?

Rowan beat me to it^

Not to hate, but if the spoke cards aren’t from races what are they? and why do you have them?

have you got foot retention on that thing?!

not by the look of things…

spoke cards are earned not made… thats pretty much rule number 1!!!
the Rules!!!

you don’t have to win or even do well but taking part in ally cats=spoke cards

I have the same wheels on my first project, they don’t feel right, will be replacing them at my birthday time, how are you finding them?

Not to hate, but if the spoke cards aren't from races what are they? and why do you have them? 

I design for a living and enjoy making my own cards, I laminate them and people tend to grab them sometimes. Keeps the world spinning. Inspiration I guess if you want to put it that way.

Re: Wheels; I do like the ride on them, sturdy feel so far and love the white. I’m getting the foot retentions this week, need them to hold on the pedals :smiley:

i also own a cell mallet 2 exactly the same as this one, except with a 59cm frame. I’ve ridden it for the last 10 months without issue. The wheels, while not being the best quality or ride, still haven’t failed as so many people said they would.