Scapin - Dura Ace $500

Road bike scapin | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Bendigo Surrounds - Sedgwick

Can’t see much in the pics, but seems like pretty good buying for the groupset, wheels and frame.

^ That’s Dura race, Gypo. :wink:

whew! looks v good to me. foco tubed Italian steel with DA and open pros. Surely someone here is after such a thing?

Anyone nearby?

Yeah I thought this was a banger of a deal.

Got it. Hopped on the bloody rail replacement coach and picked it up on Sunday. Little bit stoked with it. Cheers for the heads up Gypsy.

^^ AWESOME!! Pretty clean bike just dusty from next to no use I imagine? Bloody good pick up, thats one of the better Dura Ace group sets and some great wheels!