Scarborough Ride - August 20th

Ok kids, we’re on. Thanks to Rhys for reviving this idea.

The Plan:

Saturday 20th August
6:45am - Meet at Martin Place
(Stand around in the cold, talk some shite, grab some last minute energy supplies from across the road)
7:00am - Ride to Scarborough via the Royal National Park
Sometime later: Ride back again.

Here are the route maps. According to Google it’s about 140km all up.

Google Maps - Sydney to Scarborough

Google Maps - Scarborough to Sydney

I’ve ridden that way a few times now and I think that’s the best way to do it. Lots of hills on the way there, not so many on the way back. Smashfest from Waterfall back to the servo at Sutherland for those with Big Ring Fever. Plenty of train stations along the way for anyone who runs out of puff.

Some people might choose to stay at the Scarborough Hotel for beers and food - this could be a great option depending on the day. No need to decide now though.

I don’t mind if it’s 3 riders or 30, but so we have an idea - copy, paste, and add your name to the list below:

Sugar Kanye (maybe)

i’m looking good i’ll bring frag and marcus, maybe the mayo too…
i’ll try only man levon as well but its a long ride for some who doesn’t ride much.
how about rod??
any hipsters up for it either??

We are pretty hipster-free round these parts nowadays. (Anyone planning to do this fixed?) Really looking forward to this, better start hills training.

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and I’m interested in this ride. I never rode on this route before and planning to do it on fixed, how hard are the hills to ride with 46 -18t?

Sugar Kanye (maybe)

I’m glad to hear someone else wants to do it fixed.
I’m not very fit but am going to try it.
My house mate plays football down that way so I’m gonna try get a lift back with him, I don’t think I could do the ride back as well. If not I’ll get the train back.

Not to put anyone off, cos I know it’s doable fixed (eg: Alex), but there are some pretty incredible hills on that ride. Doing it brakeless is massively ill-advised. If you’ve got gears, use 'em.

I will definitely do it one way - and will give the return a leg a try.

Sugar Kanye (maybe)

heavymetal is right - this is a “road bike kind of a ride”.

I’ve ridden this route fixed, and normally I’d recommend it, but it depends on how much you mind being dropped. Getting up hills is ok - going down is the problem. Keeping up with road bikes on long descents just isn’t possible. You have to work really hard to catch them on the climb. If there is a climb.

Audley is the probably the toughest part. There’s a steep descent with some hairpins, followed by a long, tough climb. Similar to Arden St, Coogee, but longer.

Luke - 46x18 is 69 gear inches. On that ratio you’d be spinning like crazy to keep up with the road bikes on the flat, but maybe you’re used to that. We won’t be going super fast, but something more like 49x18 would be a better start.

My usual fixed ratio for rides like this is 51x18 (76") with road bars/hoods and front & back brakes. I like 76" because any higher would be too high for the hills, and any lower means spinning too much on the descents. Hitting 60km/h down a hill is ok, but means 170rpm - getting a bit silly really when you could just go and get some gears.

But hey, why not live a little and do it fixed anyway.

60kph Down the hills!! I’m looking to see 90 :wink:
Your Gona need some brakes… It’ll get very dangerous for you other wise. With the climbing involved followed by steep down hill sections you wont get any recovery after the climbing and the fatigue will make it very hard to control your speed safely. I’m 95% in and really looking forward to this! Just road akuna bay with nathen, what an epic day.
Got a chance to test the decending manners of the parlee too… OMG it’s good it’s so sharp and precise you could perform brain surgery with it !

I’m going to give it a shot anyway, I don’t mind getting left behind.
As long as there’s a beer at the end I’ll get there!

Thanks for the info etomato, I don’t think I will be able to climp with 76", last time I tried 46x16 I literally had to crawl up a small hill on Terminus st near Petersham station. I do have front brake on fixed but I will ride geared on this new route, maybe next time I will ride fixed,
Sorry Bob, not going to be able to join you in fixed.

I rode 82GI singlespeed the first time I did this ride and I would have kept up with SK and Rhys on the descends had I not had slower guys infront of me. 82GI was perfect for the flat sections, but I struggled on the climbs.

In other news, I seriously hate the ride between the city and Sutherland. The traffic is shit and the roads are shit and bogans in comadores are shit. So I’ll more than likely drive or get the train to Sutherland and meet you guys there, and then do the same on the trip home.

after the seeing how well the parlee descended into church point i’ll buy a beer for any man who can hold my wheel all the way to the bottom of any of the big hills :wink:

I’m keen for this, but coming off a week of illness and living at engadine i will probably just meet at sutherland aswell, and roll down for the beer.

I think another pie chart is in order!


Have a look at the route maps - these are based on the usual DHBC ride to Waterfall, with a few variations. Avoiding the Princes Hwy is the main thing. Leaving at 7, and riding as a group, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Coming back is another story, you’re right, it can be shit sometimes. For this reason I’ve picked a few back roads, e.g. going one street back from the beach at Brighton.

One of the variations I’d planned was bypassing Sutherland and going through the big dip. This might be the best chance for Kanye to hit some sort of light speed. On the other hand, stopping at the Sutherland petrol station to meet you guys would be fine too.

marcus will want to turn the roll into sutherland into a small enactment of the waterfall bunch sprint… pretty fun if there isn’t a killer head wind… im easy route wise… as long as we have some nice rolling roads we can wind up nicely and let marcus ‘renshaw’ lead us out i’ll be happy…
my biggest ride in one sitting is only 105km so i’m super keen on this!
the 60km shake down with nate the other morning was a lot of fun in near perfect conditions
last years ride was called the ‘hard man winter classic’ we all went out expecting rain, which arrived but it turned into a magic day in the end!

Wow two years or something off here and it lost my account. All the hassle of setting up a new account to say this:
Count me (ollie) in for the 20th.

re: Bikes of Choice: The bike choice of the majority determines the tempo and can make it difficult for others. That said just ride what you have, far better to come and give it a smash than stay at home worrying about not having the right sort of bike. I will almost certainly be on a road bike. I did a 200km fixed ride a few weeks ago that has at least temporarily tempered my enthusiasm for long distance fixed cycling.

I vote bypassing the big dipper and going through sutherland instead. It takes me ages to get out of that thing.