Scarborough Ride - August 20th

That’s just the warmup climb before Audley!
But you’re right, it’s better to go through the town centre - we can meet people at the 7-11 service station (just north of the station) who are making their own way there. I’ve updated the Google Map Route too suit. Now it’s 141km!

Ollie! I’ve been meaning to call you to see if you’re in for this. Thought you might be. You’ve probably got a few mates who’ll come but aren’t on - more the merrier yeah?

I told Laurie as well, the english gent who rode with us to gosford.
Alex are you doing the club run Sunday morning? I’ll speak to you about it tonight I guess.

I’m up for big climbs, once you find your rhythm you just chug away until you get to the top,
I’m not a good climber though and big climbs will hurt me but they make you stronger!

The ride sounds awesome guys, I wish I could be there! You guys should leave earlier if you want to miss the traffic.

I’m bringing my camera along to document this, I’m hoping you guys don’t mind that I do. This sounds like a promising ride…I’m already thinking more rides down the track every few months or so.

I will see if i can russle up a few friends to ride. Will also grab out the helmet camera. Sounds pretty good.

Hey Tez, this is the ride I’d hoped to fit in before you left - sorry we weren’t more organised.

If you guys want to bring cameras that’s fine, this isn’t a race, it’s just a chance for most of us to do a few more k’s than we might otherwise. We also don’t want the ride to drag on all day, so until we get to Scarborough any stops will just be quick snack breaks, no dallying around. Once we get to Scarborough dallying/beer drinking/feasting is strongly encouraged, unless you’re one of the ones in a hurry to ride back again.

I’ve just checked out the Audley part of the ride - the hairpin near the bottom of the descent is covered in slimy water - this is NOT the right descent to test out your top speed on. I definitely wouldn’t want anyone to attempt it brakeless either. It’s Darwin Award material.

On the bright side, after Audley the roads only get better and better. Sir Bertram Stevens Drive winds along the plateau before dropping down into the rainforest valley. The descent down to the McKell Ave turnoff is fantastic - very scenic and a nice smooth wide road. Once we hit the coast there’s some twisty roads and a few short, sharp climbs, and also the Seacliff Bridge, which might make a good photo if you haven’t been there before.

looks like it could be a little wet…

i should be up for it rain or shine!

I’ve just had a good look at the maps, and I like the route. I’m glad that they avoid going under the runways. Thanks for putting them up Alex.

Really looking forward to Saturday now, I don’t mind a little rain, and the return trip should be good.

Looks like I’ll be bringing My full eastern suburbs team… Shame we’ve been so slack with our team jerserys
Would be pretty funny

I’ll confirm later in the week
Could be another six road warriors :wink:

I’m in but the weather is looking worse and worse… :frowning:

Iwas under the impression (without fully reading the thread) that the returners were going to Stanwell & Back, and the non returners were heading down to the Scarby. I wish to give the return a try, but

a) do NOT want to ride from the Scarby to Stanwell tops, the Hillon the City side of the Seaview bridge would break me…and

b) I would more than likely get stuck at the pub with many cool, crisp Longboard pale ales.

Sooo, in summary - I am going to ride to Stanwell Tops & back, go to the Crix for a beer at the end if I make it. If it is pissing down, I am staying in bed…my tires are balder than Costanza, and itis notoriosly slippery.

over and out

I don’t thInk we would climb back to stanwell. I think we would head over to waterfall and return via the motorway ( at speeds up to 70kph :smiley: ) into Sutherland
I’m up for what ever as long as its not pouring with rain at 6.30am
Pretty happy to roll out knowing im coming home wet and would love to hit the crix fully kitted for a beer or 10 once it’s done.

I also have frag and mayo in 100% ( unless it’s belting down ) and marcus at 90%

The old plan was to do the Stanwell Tops loop, but since a lot of people want to go to the Scarborough pub, I thought we might as well meet there and then decide who wants to ride home. Let’s see what develops. The weather might decide for us.

Here are the route maps again:
Sydney to Scarborough - Google Maps

Scarborough to Sydney - Google Maps

To get from Scarborough back to Sydney, there is only one option that I would seriously consider, and that’s the one linked above.

Here’s a summary of that ride:

  • From Scarborough, you drop down to the SeaCliff bridge and along the rolling coastline to Stanwell Park.
  • There is a steep climb from Stanwell Park up to the Otford Rd intersection. To the right is Otford (and the National Park). To the left is Stanwell Tops. Go left.
  • The climb through Stanwell Tops and up to the Old Princes Hwy is not too bad, quite gradual really.
  • There is a roundabout just before you get to the freeway, where you meet the Old Princes Hwy. It runs parallel to the Freeway, and takes you back to Waterfall. It’s a good road - the best way back.
  • From Waterfall it’s straight down the freeway as usual. Downhill all the way. I guess if you’re like Zak you’ll be hammering back to Sutherland at speeds faster than the human eye can see. Please wait for me at the 7-11 servo, because I’m not as fast as that.
  • From Sutherland the route is based on the DHBC/other clubs rides, but with a few variations since we’ll be later in the day and wanting to avoid the traffic.

Does that clear it up?

Again, all subject to the weather.

As long as you wait for me at stanwell tops
Cause I’m not a spider monkey and climbing is my weekness…

I would be keen to not stop at the Scarby pub. If I stop, I’m not riding home. To save having to ride up that ridiculous hill, I would not turn left and turn right and head towards the highway (Carlin - the way we went). There is pretty much 5-6km of climbing, and to start it off with that steep, long hill I would die and end up taking forever to get to the top. Just an idea.

Isn’t that why you guys all have gears now? It’s only a hill, I’m not talking about crossing the Pyrenees.

The lure of the pub is a good point though. Maybe we should be like Odysseus and avoid the temptation altogether.

hahaha i’m not worried about the hills only waking up to pouring rain