Scarface the coke bike

Say hello to my little friend!

I finished this up on the weekend. Pretty happy with it.

I bought the frame from the forum a while ago. The paint was a bit rough so I sent it off to the sandblasters and then to my mate who is a spray painter. I asked him to paint a ‘coca cola’ colour and left it in his hands. The end result is so nice in the sun.

So after sourcing all the parts over the last few months, she is complete. Yesterday wasn’t ideal for pics so I will update when the sun comes out.

Frame 19XX? Hillman fillet brazed frame
Wheels Gold B43 rear wheel 19T Cog. Deep V front, 700x23 Vittoria Rubino Tyres
Drivetrain 48T chainring on a 170mm SRAM S-300 crankset, SRAM GXP Bottom Bracket, Black Spank Tweet Tweet chain, Shimano SPD Pedals
Cockpit Chris King Headset, Thomson Headstem, Salsa pro moto carbon handlebars, Jetblack lock on grips
Saddle Thomson seat post and the most uncomfortable saddle which will be replaced shortly

friggn awesome

I hope the sun comes out soon cos I want to see more pics!

Yea go on. humour us with a couple more pics.
Perhaps against a table with a glass of your favourate cola beverage on top.

nice colour combo with the paint and wheels, lovin it

loving those gold rims.
that coulour is sweet is a reflective paint?

looks nice wood love to see pic when the sun comes out

nice job.

if you can still see the frame number give Gordon a ring at Hillman, they’ll probably still have the build order and if so could tell you when & what it is. Gordon’s pretty obliging that way.

Ah brilliant, it would be good to know. I will see if I can find anything on the frame. Cheers CC.

Pics. Sorry if there are too many.

wow, real smooth bud. Nice.

Awesome!! That paint’s almost identicle to my 98’ Schwinn Straight 6 downhill bike! Love it!


Looks nice from what I can see, but I can’t see much. Those pics are tiny.

Open them in a new window.

Pics of DH bike plz.

is that metalic sorta paint?
looks sickkkk

Yeah, the paint is based on a new mazda colour, then my mate added more metallic and a few other things that he called flips n flops. I have no idea. Then a crap load of clear coat.

looks nice, what are the b43’s like to ride?

I really shouldn’t have called it Scarface… he dies at the end.