schwinn frankin-roadie

well i needed a road bike as the mountains are hilly, it had to low budget but still presentable, collected the parts, stole from my farthers spare bin and raided his shed.

…and presto frankin-roadie was born

Frame: schwinn fastback comp alu/sexy carbon rear stays and a carbon colnago fork
Wheels: Shimano wr500 w/ gumwall michelean 23’s
Gears n’ stuff: mostly shimano 105 but none of it matches w/ older ‘W’ cut shimano 52t
Seat/post: Le Mond post with tioga seat

Runs atleast as light as my 4yr old but not as heavy as my 6yrold so i would say …lightenough for me(10kgs maybe. riding fixed in the mountains was getting hard, trying to improve climbing that way was proving fruitless so i decided i need to move with the times and doo it. Building a roadie was fun (helped buy my dad) but i dont know… i think i would want a complete groupset to do it with.

Rides sweet and feels right …and yes i know the pedals are gone… my dads idea of a joke.