schwinn madison only $640

Hmmn… That seems like a great deal for a fairly decent commuter. Anyone ridden one yet?

there are a couple getting around melbourne at the moment.
just saw a courier ride up collins on one when iwent to 711 actually.

thats not at all bad-looking.

Dennis at FGG reviewed them.

saw one at shifterbikes the other night and it look pretty good.
for the price its a bargain!

shit hot bike for its price point.

what are the wheels like? never head of Jalco rims. Formula hubs ring a bell though.

I saw one parked out the front of Pedimontes North Fitz last night. Id say quite an attractive looking bike

I’m the peidemontes schwinn :smiley: (with dark blue top tube cover, yeah whatever, i’m commuting and playing polo on it so it helps transporting the mallet.)
I’ve been caning mine since I got it. I came to grief once turning too sharply, maybe getting used to the race of the new forks compared to my old Kuwahara tourer but then again maybe it could have been playing polo half cut. The RHS bars are bent a bit but it’s still going fine. Maybe cutting them back a bit will neaten that out - it’s a bit of a shit having to reach right over the drops to get to the front brake but I could always HTFU and ride a little more zen instead.
There’s a bit of chatter in the chainring - first service should sort that out. The little NATO logo at the front was only attached with d/s tape so that’s come off pre-emptively. Would have been a grit / moisture trap otherwise. Only really got the chance to ‘open it up’ riding back from the start/finish line at Eastlink on sunday back to yarraman station - what a feeling! - i’m yet to make it go as fast as it can, is that true for all bikes? might get a bigger rear cog, 48/18 only gives 3 or 6 patches am i rite - 24/9 -> 8/3 ?

Where can i buy this one?

Im live in sydney.

I cant find that. T-T

great value bike for the money,
alex who won skid vicious last weekend was riding one…