Schwinn Madison review

from rbr:

Words not much chop but a few up close pics. Finish looks nice for the pricepoint.

Another good first impression over at - I can confirm the ‘clown car’ experience checking the seat stem!

it keeps going … and going …

When I pulled the seat post off, it was like a bad comedy in which the post kept coming out (like a dozen clowns climbing out of a Mini Cooper). This thing was so long it must have reached all the way down to the first brazed-on bolt belonging to the water-bottle cage holder. (…) (And, by the way, most of the components DID NOT have any grease on them: The fork steer tube, the seat post, the pedal threads, the cog and lock ring, and the many bolts. Not surprising.)

Haven’t had a look yet at the greasing. It’s on the to-do list …

greasing will be at the fault of whoever assembled it.

the worst thing is lockrings not being checked and tightened on fixed wheel bikes leaving many of melbournes stores. i keep hearing ‘oh my cranks are doing a weird slipping thing on my kewl new fixty’ at uni and its annoying.

but back to the point of the thread, the madison has been getting a lot of positive feedback from people and the price is pretty damn sharp.