Schwinn Madison - updated

First fixed gear bicycle, first post. Newb saying hi. :smiley:
Big ups to Hans for hookin me up with Nikcee to get my hands on my first. :evil: fixed gear bicycle cherry popped, now roll on the addiction.

Nothing too flash 09 Schwinn Madison. Lost rear brake, swapped to fixed, new bars, grips, front brake lever and cable added.

Next pedals, clips and straps. Then stem, post and seat. Maybe new paint, wheels and crank later down the track.

Had an ACL replacement 3 months ago so tentative steps then more seat time.

Cheers Markee

PS. Hans -----> Rollerblades on a public forum hahahahahahaha :wink: :smiley:

Welcome Markee! - its the least and probably most I can do for now :-D.

PS - show us your gorrilla!

i always thought the madison was pretty nice for a first fixie. welcome on board, and nice work to the Cee brothers for hooking you up…

Howdy… I like the colour! :-o

I don’t think they be likin the Ape much, too much hp :wink:

Hey man,
i have the 08 model as my commuter pig dog. I think you’ll be very happy.
Have you met Craig C yet? :wink:

These would look sweet on it.

How much?


yo markee

was stoked to see you gettin fixed on fb, we should go for a roll and beers at blue some time…


Cheers Rowdy, we’ll roll sometime soon for sure. Beer @ Blue, well that’s just standard!

Missed this when i was away over the weekend… good to see the bike start to take shape for you.

Even more pleased to hear you are rolling around and into it.

Thanx Nik.
New shorter black stem and Oury’s added today. Yesterday fitted MKS GR9’s and MKS clips. Black seat pole is in the mail.
Basic stuff but makin it mine.

MM, which black pole did you go for?

New goodies arrived for me today - see “… recent purchase thread” :smiley:

Got a DEDA seat post from fleabay for $14.50 brand new, private sale :wink:

How many forums are you a member of Markee?



4, that I am of. :stuck_out_tongue: - maybe 5.

my missus asked the same thing the other day LOL it’s at least 10 if you count the car ones too :stuck_out_tongue:

can you strip the decals off that bad boy? if so do the yellow and crome is siccccc

Can’t strip the decals unfortunately, respray is on the cards in the future though. It will stay yellow!