has anyone scotchgarded their jeans?

i have a rapha epic commute of 3km to uni and obvs its not worth getting changed for, but i am going to have to commute by bike in winter

the smell and feel of damp jeans is quite unpleasant


Swrve WWR trousers. Those new woolen ones look interesting too.

swrve trousers

Buy some opp shop ones and give it a go? Let us know how it goes.

Levis commuter pants?

Just get a rain suit to wear over the top.

I wear plastic pants over shorts and put jeans in the backpack

get a giant

The “water resistance” of those don’t last that long.

Ride in shorts. Get changed.

It’s uni ffs.

the salesperson said a quick iron brings it back. bit like the castelli nanoflex.

I should have said “man up and ride in jeans OMG I CAN’T WEAR WET JEANS ffs you’ll get over it”

Do wet jeans smell better or worse than wet dog?

Ride in a skinsuit and then were it all day, ffs - it’s Uni, ppl will just assume you’re doing visual arts.

FWIW I met an older couple about 15 years ago, she had been a demonstrator and applicator of Scotchgard products and had severe health and mental issues as a result. Google sez it was due to the perfluorooctanesulfonamide, which was removed and replaced with perfluorobutanesulfonic acid in 2003, which has a half life in your body of 1 month instead of 5.4 years.

Your call whether you want to be in contact with that.

get these, they are all the rage in Germany it seems

Fark i’d actually considered getting some of them (no i don’t have any self respect whatever)

Seconded. Those look fucken awesome. #supercommutersoftheworlduniteandtakeover

Is this a troll thread?


Evaluate weather on day. If it looks like rain, bring change of pants. If not, wear jeans, look cool

I have a pair of these in ‘denim look’.

They are as dorky as they seem. dorkier even.

they do work extremely well at keeping your pants dry without succumbing to wearing rain pants and creating a micro climate below your waist.

(but they’re super dorky)