Scott Time

just so the rest of you don’t have to hunt about for my daily floodings, i’ll start this and you can all stay updated with shit thats happening, booyah!

so my left knee is getting a bit sore, on the front, both sides of the knee cap, too big a gear on street rides i think, or maybe it was track racing, and my lack of preparation/stretching, any thoughts?

push harder with the right

proton energy pills… works for roger

spinach followed by ga ga, ga ga, ga gaaaaa… works for popeye

Thai massage - ftw.

But seriously…
What pedals you running?
Shoes, cleats?
I’ve had soreness in my left knee for a while. Then I fell off a BMX and really screwed it.
Part of the soreness was from asymmetric development of the four muscles making up the quadriceps.
This lead to a pulling of the patella and much knee soreness.
The solution, from several sources was to do lower friction single leg riding on either rollers or a wind trainer.
Don’t know how you go for balance on rollers but I’ve seen people do it on YouTube & such.

I’d still seek some professional advice (usual disclaimer) and Google “ITB stretching” - most common issue for cyclist.

odyssey twisted/BOGear strapons on the street, shimano clipless on road/track, i think its cos i am sometimes too lazy to flip out my track gear when i ride on the street, and the 370 kms i did on the weekend may also be contributing

thanks for the advice, i have neither rollers or trainer, but maybe i’ll shout myself some for christmas

theres your problem, need to rock the bo’s on the track breds!!!

thanks red! its just not the same over here is it? i feel… exposed

Buy a foam roller, a tennis ball, and go see a physio,
address it before you end up like me.
I go to a mate at UQ sports.
start with some sport massage not the ones you have been getting.,

Think Azz has a good tip for a masseuse…

what would terry do?

Oh my god this day is dragging on. Is it Scott time yet?

Yeah it’s my last day of work for the year,
Scott were are you?
You polished this new group yet or what?

Told you, he won’t be able to type now he’s dissolved his fingers in caustic. Dayne this is your fault.

I now have visions of Scott with two bandaged stumps for hands smashing the keyboard in frustration.

still not time yet? sshhheeesh, probly at the supermarket trolling isle 7

what the fuck?!?! I came back from the pub specifically to ensure Scott Time wasn’t missed