Scott Time

Feminine hygiene isle?

^^ now owes you beers… unless he is winning at the supermarket, then he is forgiven

Yeahaaaah booiiiy!

Am i on a caps ban??

you fellas need something else in your life jeeeez…

as far as trolling goes, went on an actual date, with an actual woman…

seriously. good to feel like i might be able to get the saddle out of the cupboard, maybe dust it off in preparation for a ride in the near future

Thread flood!!! Rwar!!!

Are my caps banned !!!

should bring some beers over to my work tomorrow, do some fixie skids areound the warehouse and shit, im sure this would help

would but we’re going to the palace in nundah for an on-official party, sorry dude, you should swing by and we’ll stomp about in cleats and look cool

i dun get it, whats a dusty saddle in a cupboard got to do with an actual date? you funna weld it to the bullhorns or something so you can drop her home next time?

maybe he’s talking about getting back on the horse…

EDIT: fuck my spelling sucks

EDIT: apparently so does my ability to click the “edit” button

thought red nad n8 would be stoked about this, then you guys probably find the eyeballing of attractive ladies sans prospect of picking them up by me pretty entertaining…

uhn tiss

told you loosing the beard would work…

wrong, she is beard-happy, would be detrimental to discard, best news i’ve had in ages

My missus asked me to grow a beard… not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing…

where I come from “beard-happy” chicks are a breed with which I think you’ll have little chance of using your abovementioned seat

haha well, what other objects are they into?


number 1 and 2:
Urban Dictionary: beard

number 1:
Urban Dictionary: beards


sigh… now i cant even urbandictionary at work…