Scottish Rider

Hey guys

A bit of an introduction

My name is Callum, I’m pretty heavily involved with the Scottish fixed gear scene ( i live in Edinburgh ) Its currently -12degC here so I thought it would be a good time to go and see the world a bit. So im booked to arrive at Sydney airport on march 11th after spending a week in Tokyo. I’m staying with friends who live in the snowy mountains about an hour on the train away from Sydney city centre so it would be a waste not to meet some cool new folk who ride bikes in Sydney.
I’m also a national level track rider with a valid British Cycling Licence and a UCI Race Licence so i’d be looking to do a fair amount of racing while im in town as well.

If some of you guys could give me a couple of pointers about where to meet up and how to get into the fixed gear and track scene in Australia, i would be super grateful

Here’s a link to the Edinburgh fixed gear site

Thanks Folks


Fixed gear social rides, races, pub crawls whatever:

Local cycling club that runs stuff at Tempe Velodrome. Training nights on Monday and Wednesday.

also, have a look in the sydney meets section on this forum. always a ride on wednesdays and saturdays, of varying lengths and seriousness, but mostly ending in coffee or beer, and sometimes burritos.

get to the cricketers arms one wednesday night and introduce yourself, we’re mostly pretty friendly. and make sure you ask zak about his bike.

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I’ve got a snapshot somewhere of our old golden retriever who could fit 3 tennis balls in his slobbery gob.

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Maybe you could take some pictures… :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the info guys, seems the cycling forum sense of humour is universal

this is your best link for sydney stuff,18.0.html

and so you don’t have to ask

heres my bike :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a super nice bike, i probably would have commented on it anyway to be honest. I’ll see if i can post up a few of my rides over the next few days,8857.0.html :sunglasses:

are you chris hoy?

How those pics coming along…?

Unfortunately no, i’m not Chris Hoy, if i was I’d be staying in a 5 star luxury hotel instead of friends floors and youth hostels and could go sub 10 seconds for a flying 200m on demand, instead of mid 11’s. Personally i’m gutted that i’m not the Hoy boy.

Pictures are being a beggar coz i was going to take new ones but it never really happened, anyway here are a few older ones

Its a Raleigh Special Products titanium frame with 650c wheels and a Shimano 10 pitch group, set its a really nice riding bike, sorry for the rubbish photos

A Dolan DF3 set up for a flying 200, since this photo was taken i’ve change pretty much everything apart from the frame.

I had a wee derny race frame built up, it looks a bit like this

I’ll post some more pictures when … the Dolan comes back from the paint shop, the Raleigh has its rear wheel built back up with a proper track hub and British Airways manage to find / reimburse me for my derny race bike. I’ve got a couple more that i’ll get photo’s of when i’m back home on Friday.

Do many of you guys race ?

holy crap! nice bikes. is the ti yr street bike? 10 pitch with 650c shamals! woo!

The Ti bike, and i’ve got another really beat up Raleigh that i use, I’m staying in Tokyo for a week before i fly into Sydney so hopefully i can bag a cheeky wee NJS bike but who knows, as i say the pics are pretty old but i’ll try to take some decent ones soon, goddamn holiday trip planning is taking up all my time.

me too, mate. me too.

a few of us melbourne kids are pretty into racing track. check out my blog (linked below), and drop us a line if you make it down here.