Scratched seat post

I bought a nice old Colnago seatpost off ebay - installed once and unmarked.
I installed it last night marked the height with tape and greased. I wasn’t expecting the post to slide in so fast (it is the right size) and now I’ve scratched part of it that’s visible above the frame. The post is hgih polished but the marks look like shit.
I know some posts are precise to .1 of a mm but I was wondering if you can buff/cut them out and if anyone’s done it before?

just buff the part that’s not in the seatpost, that’s where the mark is visible.

Exactly, the diameter of the post where it’s not in the frame doesn’t matter. Of course, it might limit the frames you could put it in later on. But I woudl’ve thought buffing it won’t take out enough metal to worry about.

But I’m sure one of the metal nerds will come up with a much more scientific sounding answer.

I have used wadding cloth b4, general alloy pollish , stuff they use on mag wheels, might be worth a try!


If its a mild surface scratch and not deep, go to your local auto parts and accesories store and grab some autosol, its about $9 i think, you’ll also need some elbow grease but they wont stock that.

Really? I picked up a tub of elbow grease from my local repco dealer for $14.95.

Just polished up my seat post last night was quite scratched, used 600 wet and dry (wet) working my way up (800, 1000, 1200 etc) then finished with metal polish looks awsome!

wow! are they stocking left handed screwdrivers and chequered paint too?

The sandpaper trick worked a treat. I was a bit skeptical while sanding as it seemed to look worse as i went but swapping back to a fine dry paper in the end I could see it starting to shine again. Then after some love with the brasso is looked brand new. I then took my nitto stem off and did it too. :wink: Thanks to everyones suggestions. Here’s a pic to prove the result…