SE draft lite

this is my ride, its an se draft lite 09 i think, its 49cm
got it pretty much stock looking like this:

and now it looks like this:

selle saddle
stock seat post
risers with lizard skins
stock headset (new one to come)
tektro front brake
powder coated in gloss black
lasco 170mm cranks and 44t chain ring
Barelli Supreme track pedals (dont kno much about them)
resprayed blue chain (bought it like that)
14t cog :mrgreen:
novatech rear hub 32h
eighthinch julian rim
maxxis re fuse 23c rubber
wienmann 520? 36h front rim with stock hub

still a few little things im looking to do but from what it was, im pleased.

i recommend you swap out your 14t cog for a 17.

just saying.

yea I had a 15 in there then I got it rebuilt and only they had 14 so got it for now I’m gonna get a 17 soon see how I go. I don’t mind pushing a 14 tho, got get up think it’s like 82 gi or something lol

Everyone can see you post whoring, it won;t get you trading access…

ok had some changes, replaced 14t with a 17t roselli and stripped one side of my hub already :frowning:
sorry for crappy i phone pic

haha love how everything got replaced, not much kept, i would have thought the scrambler would have been a better option if you weren’t keeping much.
Anyway, how do you find the back wheel, because im tossing between one of those and a b43 but the b43 seems to be tripple walled were as this is double (correct me if i’m wrong).

Also i really like your crank, might look into them instead of a sugino messenger if you could give me a rough price?

Also about the colour scheme (kinda like what my new one will be)
I would advise you to repaint the chain white and get another deep v for front.
-Well thats my opinion, up to you.


you can pick up lasco cranks for 75 bucks on the flea-bay. and why paint a chain? thats absurd! you can buy coloured kmc’s for like 12 bucks.

White chain wayy to dirty, cranks were from lbs cost like 95? Maybe. There 170mm though. No near as good as sugino but hey. The original plan wasn’t too change as much as I have but once you get the mod bug, there’s no stopping. I like the mis matched wheelset but a deep v may be in the works to ~match the rear. Oh it’s 44/17 now, skidtastic

why did you started out with a complete bike?!

oh and i meant buy a white chain… lol.
But they might get dirty upclose but from a distance they look fine…

say no to coloured and half-link chains.

A spagett!

nice ride man