SE Lager commuter

Picked this up on the weekend, off gumtree. Apparently beat the next person to see it by about 10 mins.

Few lil scratches and stuff, nothing even close to major though. Freewheel was jammed up (doesnt look like it had been used at all). Fixed that up and will ride it SS for a while till I get used to not having a bail out gear.

Looks like this, bottle opener saddle is a nice touch :smiley:

Plans are to commute on it as is, with some fenders once I get around to it. Will swap to fixed soon, then whack on a 20t freewheel and some tyres with a few studs to give the June 30 Ipswich CX a try. I’ll swap to a smaller fixed sprocket once I build a bit of strength as well.

As a commuter the bike is going strong :slight_smile: Just passed 500km on it today, still running the original gearing (46/17) with the freewheel. I have fenders ready to go on once some fender nuts arrive.

Also have all the parts to finish off the SS CX with a spare couple wheels, freewheel & chain. Looks like this as of tonight. Tyres are Schwalbe 30c CX, gearing is 46/22, will see how it goes on June 30. Drops will go on over the weekend too.

Now with added drops :slight_smile: Should have gone the darker brown bar tape… oh well…next time

Looking good. Just need to angle the bars down a bit, try and get the drop part pointing towards the rear brake bridge.

Yeah havent got em in final position yet, forgot to tighten the stem plate before the ride, so when I stopped to quickly fix it up thats where they ended up