se lager

this is my se stock off the shelf,will be changing the bars and a few other bits soonish…
rolls so well,it’s my first bike in a long time i’ll flip it to fixed when im comfortable with it.Keen for saturday rides(melbourne)…

looks pretty sweet

sat morning. fed square. get there!

looks sweet, and it would look even sweeter in the flesh when we see you sat

So is it 7:30 fed square??


And you should be prepared to get your bike dirty if snowflake happens to be leading.


Oh no not the new bike. :smiley:

thanks whatthekoon

Got board today so thought id get some riser bars…the rear brake will be returning as soon as i can be bothered cutting the cable out :expressionless:

nice. where’d you get the bar and grips?

Hope you had a good ride on Saturday dude! The dirt track was fun :slight_smile:

Hey yeah that ride was challenging to say the least,riding over that bridge for me was so sketchy i thought it was pretty slippery lol.
i got the bars from brunswick st cycles,remebered seein the grips over at goldcross(vic gardens)
i’ll be there next saturday hopefully