Seal Skinz Socks (or other warm feet ideas)

Has anyone used the Seal Skinz thermal mid sock to keep their feet warm in winter on those early (ish) morning rides.

Alternatively, what other options are there? I have shoe covers, but don’t like them much. For road riding/commuting/mtb the sock option seems the best.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried Seal Skinz but Explorers work quite well and if your shoes have vents under the soles tape them up.

footy socks ftw!

Merino Soles socks are toasty warm and last forever. From all good camping stores…and probably some shit ones.

Larger shoes for winter plus oversocks like these: Ground Effect - mountain bike clothing
Gaffer tape up the toes to keep wind/rain out.

Deflect rain from your sockline too, don’t want it running down your legs and into your socks.

PS: Mudguards!

seal skins are fucking awesome, although they are pretty expensive and are really only an advantage in the wet, else just wear explorers.

Seal skin socks are amazing and saved my toes during London winters. They kind of feel a bit like wetsuit material although woven like a sock and relatively thin, and are almost airtight when compared to normal socks so they stop the wind too. If your shoes get totally saturated then your feet will get a bit wet still but nothing like with normal socks, and they remain pretty warm despite being moist/damp.

Also What Blakey said: Full mudguards in winter for ftw!

Footy socks and toe warmers rool !

Sorry you’ve probably made up your mind but I’ll throw in my 2c all the same. Seal Skins suck balls, super uncomfortable and unbreathable for me (years ago tho). I used neoprene overshoes commuting daily in London. They were awesome for keep the toes happy. Thats what I’d recommend for the wet and cold.

I’ve been using Sealskinz socks and gloves for a week or two for commuting. Awesome for keeping feet warm, handled moderate rain ok, socks are probably a bit bulky and long up the calf for my liking but I know I’ll bust them out regularly this winter on the cold and rainy days. The gloves I rate very high - they’re now my main winter gloves - very dextrous and super warm.

The reason I bought them was for this ride :

…which turned out to be very wet. I was soaked to the skin on every part of my body - obviously if there’s that much water running down your arms and legs then it will get into your gloves and socks. If I’d been wearing a waterproof jacket and pants with cuffs cinched up over the gloves and socks then they may have stayed dry inside but I didn’t. Anyway, something to bear in mind - the socks can be as waterproof as all get out but they still need whopping big holes in them so you can stick your feet in!

I’ll definitely use those Sealskinz socks again if I know I’m riding somewhere wet/cold/snowy.

I’ve been using some Sugoi - Resistor wet weather socks,

not too bad, but yes water can get down inside them.

I also found that because of the ‘plasticy neoprene’ waterproof material, that they can tend to cause your foot to slip about in your shoe which is slightly annoying.

SUGOI: Resistor Sock

One word “smartwool” the only socks I wear. Summer to winter, $$ but worth every cent.