Sealed bearing upgrade needed

The stock bearings in the miche primato hubs on my commuter wheels are toast after a few recent rides in the rain (they weren’t new, i kind of expected they would crap out sometime this winter). I want to replace them with something with better seals. CTA has compatible Phils with a single rubber seal in stock. Most riding is my bayside commute where there’s a bit of sand and salt spray about and lately the occasional drop of rain. Any suggestions? Might I be better off doing a ring-around the local bearing trade? They’re a standard 6001 2rs size. Any thoughts?

any good bearing center should be able to source ABEC7+ bearings for you.
nashi make some very good ones, and if you can find them, nishikia are awesome. dual, free floating seal, last for ever and spin like a dream.
have an ask around and see what pops up for you.

Same thing is happening to me as I knew it would.

Suzue basic hubs. Anyone know what (if) sealed bearings would fit these?


Those be the hubs I have.

Do you know what size balls they require?

Also, if the races are fvcked, can you replace them?


Not normally. The cups are usually part of the hub and not removable.

See the following blog from CTA about Phils and shitty conditions:

Cheers bloke