sean kelly says:

this is a good read:

Sean Kelly picks the 2012 spring classics winners

I thought this was going to be a clip of him mumbling, and we had to guess what he was saying.


edit: I can’t read the article without hearing his voice…

me too. i fucking love his voice. i know he only has one tone and all, but it’s the lilt i like.

i watched the 2010 ronde last night while building a wheel. his voice is hypnotic.

paul n phil gtfo.

i like my version better. especially at 3am

they might hear you …

On Gerrans’ win:

What it would really sound like:

You best file your version if you want to be invited over for more spring classics viewing.

hey blakey, you screening stupid sexy flanders?

Sure, why not. Season 11, Episode 10 right?

blakey brings the lolz.

me too… also rolly doing a zef accent is pretty gold around that time…

i set them up, you knock them down.

after that, we watching the bike race at yours? it’s on sunday night, right?