Searching for 27" wheels

Hi folks

Can anyone give me some tips on where I can go to find a ready-to-ride27" rear wheel for my first singlespeed / fixed project?

I’m keeping an eye on the fixed classifieds, but I’m sure someone will know a shop or friend who can help me out.

Thanks for any help.


why do you want a 27" wheel?

is this a conversion project? you’re not too likely to find a good 27" wheel with a hub suitable for a single sprocket, unless it’s a really old one from a singlespeed cruiser. most track bikes and racing bikes since the early 80’s use 700c (622) rims.

if you’ve got 27 inch wheels already and don’t want to change to 700c, you might be better off finding a singlespeed hub to re-lace into your back wheel.

The US eBay store Wheelandsprocket were selling new 27" flip/flop rear wheels a while back. I think.

But yeah, it’s a lot easier dealing with 700c wheels, especially getting tyres and high pressure tubes.

I’ve got an old (late 80s) Myata road frame that I want to convert and it has 27" wheels. I’ve tried a couple of 700c wheelsets and the spacing for brakes are a problem.

You might be right in suggesting that I rebuild the current rear wheel, it’s in good condition, with a singlespeed hub.

I just sold some 27inch velocity wheels (aerohead rims not deep V)

imo they are much more logical than putting 700c wheels on a 27inch frameset, surprised that they are so rare and more people are not using them on conversions.

I knew I’ve seen them…

27" fixed wheelset at Wheelandsprocket (probably not amazing, but you know…).

Or as the other’s said, you could get a decent 27" rim and a Formula (etc) hub and get a wheel built up for considerably less.

I’ve got a brand new 27" flip flop rear wheel for sale if you’re in melbourne.

He is in Canberra

bummer just sold a set of velo( made in czech) hubed 27’ 1 1/4 for $50. sorry

thanks crew…

if we keep this ‘you should have been here yesterday’ conversation up for long enough I might just land a new wheel :smiley:

yeah I’m in Canberra…

Pfft, postage between Melbourne and Canberra would be nothing!

I was asking about this in a few shops the other day, and Abbotsford cycles had some ready built for sale, and BSC had previously stocked some, but had sold out and said they could order them - new ones. I’d be surprised if bike shops in Canberra wouldn’t have them as well - although I haven’t been to Canberra for a while, and have no idea of the quality of bike shops. And I guess you may be specifically after a second hand one…

I was in DeVer bikes, tried to strike up a conversation with the old dude there about the wheelset there with Campy Sheriff Star hubs on some Campy rims, but the dude just wanted to sell me a rear 27" wheel with a flipflop hub for $100.

So try DeVer bikes in Fairfield.

Thanks again all.

Looks like I’ll ring some shops in Canberra and further afield, and keep my eyes out online and I should be able to get it sorted.


re: Hadrian -> Still got that rear 27 available? How much would you be looking for to get rid of it??

(first post hi everyone :-D)

Hey Makalu,

Not sure if your still looking for those wheels but if you are, Bosarri cycles in Melbourne usually has them in stock, around the $100 for a rear wheel from memory and I’ve just stumbled across some on for about $100 for the set, plus the same in shipping.

Also you can try looking for some longer calliper brakes which will allow to run 700s and still run brakes as well.

Good luck.

I have an old Repco Nishiki Olympic 12 with Araya red label 27x1 wheels and the back rim is cactus.
Either I relace the existing hub to new 27 inch rim or get a new 27 inch rear wheel, either geared or could go fixed.
Presumably the $100 stock wheels are fairly basic quality and machine laced. I was wondering whether a new wheel hand built to the ok existing hub would cost much more and presumably would be stronger, as I am over 100kgs. Also whether to try and match the square box style of the front rim (could even reuse old Araya sticker!) or a go with stronger V section rim. Form over function I guess?!

Given the plentiful stock of 12 speed, 27" road bikes around the place, I’d say your easiest option would be find a complete rear wheel similar to what you’ve got. Sourcing a new rim and paying for the labour to build it up will cost more than the wheel is"worth".

A good quality box section rim can be perfectly strong enough. I’ve had some pretty heavy crashes with a Mavic MA2 on the front, and the most work it’s needed is a quick tweak of 2 or 3 spokes. Having 36 spokes helps.

The bigger question is whether you want to go fixed or not, in which case you’re looking at a new wheel altogether, or two. In that case Deep Vs would be an obvious choice if you’re over 100kgs.