Searching for a lager

Hey guys, I had this nice lager in Adelaide called ‘west end draught’ and am looking to acquire this in Melbourne. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

looks like this:

I haven’t seen it in Melbourne, but when I was riding across the Simpson Desert (on a motorbike), it was in every country pub out there. It’s pretty good.

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Maybe you could get it shipped

This is bad news, perhaps a nice adelaidean can send me a 30-block?

in link related business,
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ah Yahoo answers is starting to become 4chan

Ahh… WED’s ay?
W E Draught is a our version of VB.Loved my many, maligned by more, but still sells like hotcakes.
I had a VB the other day, because you inspired me to try something I hadn’t had for 6 or 7 years.Kinda sweet and definitely preferable to WED.
I used to love a tinny or 10 of Melbourne bitter as mega swill, but had a dogy can a coupla years back and havn’t sampled it since.What’s your take on MB Mr D?
As for shipping a carton (30 shack pack) it’d havta be cans as aus post would murder glass.

The idea of you owning a brewery does sound quite interesting.

Dunk a glass into your dunny. Pretty sure that’s where it comes from here

haha, Westend Draught, poo water and hopps, well that has ben rumours since even when I was a young lad growing up Adelaide.

hah, this happened to me a few years ago. made me really sick and i almost blacked out at a gig.

I’d prefer 30 cans…
melbourne bitter, I’ve only had it once, and it was after a few vics, so I don’t really remember what it tasted like. Rated by LP and tomhall I think.
After I finish the Weihnstephaner’s I’ve got in the fridge I’ll grab a few of them.