seat clamp woes

after hacksawing out my threaded seat pin i managed to pull the seat clamp away from the frame being too forceful getting the pin out…

What are my options here?
do i try get it welded back on?
is it something i could strip all the way off with a bit of force and get a seat clamp thats not integrated with the frame?

a bit annoying - was trying to get it spruced up to sell to put some money away for a roady build! doh!

appreciate your help on this!

i’d say this. have you had a chat to the guys at gear about it? also, pm me when you’re looking to sell…

nah not yet - eric offered to do it for me in the first place… in hindsight that would have been the best option!

cheers tmasz. will do!

Push it back, crank it up.

^^ lol i was gunna say this :slight_smile:

don’t force it off, you will fuck the seat tube.

Get it removed by a framebuilder, then either use a thompson clamp or get another one brazed on