Seat post for oval rails

Recently got a selle slr saddle for free and it has oval rails and I’m having a hard time finding a seatpost that will work. I ordered the 3t palladio pro and that was a no go. Do you guys know if Thomson elite will work with oval rails? Any other suggestions would be great.

Easton ec90, super nice post and will work perfectly.

The thing is I already bought a Thomson Elite, I’m just waiting for the dude to ship it, which has been a major hassle. So the main concern is if the saddle will work with it. If not I’ll look into some other options

i had a saddle with slightly oval rails for a time (can’t remember the model, pretty sure it was an SI), it fitted OK in a Thomson. You should be OK so long as the rails aren’t wider than std 7mm and the oval section is relatively straight at the clamping area and not stupid thick.

If it doesn’t work out…well…everyone should have a Thomson in the spares cupboard.

(edit: do you know for sure if the SLR fits your arse?)