Ive been riding pretty heavily for the past week and a half and my butt got quite sore after my first ride so im thinking of investing in a new seat… Prolly gonna buy one for $70 at local bike shop, ive picked one out and i like it, seems to be alot more comfy then the one i have atm. Just wondering… What type of seats you guys ride?

Berk SLR combo

San Marco TT

I find the most comfy are the skinny minimilist ones that look like torture boards.
I have a San Marco Rolls too and that is comfortable enough but I recon I’ll more often find the wrong knicks/saddle combo on that one.

I’m sure we had a thread on this already, but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, original Cinelli Unicanitor, stripped to plastic and a re-issue Flite.

But my arse is going to be different to yours.

Fizik Arione or San Marco Concor for me.

stick at it. you could buy any saddle and get a sore arse in the first week and a half of riding. its not the saddle. it’s your arse.

And don’t be tempted by some skooshy thing with gel in it because your arse is sore after a week, those type can actually make things worse.

Having just been through this I’d stick with what you have for another couple of weeks.
I’d buy new knicks before I’d buy a new saddle.

I’d been rocking a Selle San Marco ODS for about 11 years and it was starting to get a bit tatty.
Replaced it with one I found NOS and ramped up my riding at the same time.
New saddle, exactly the same shape, and a lot more riding lead to a sore arse.

Bought new knicks and it’s much better, plus the saddle is broken in now.

get your sit bones measured, buy decent Knicks, try out many saddles.

and read this -

good luck!

just noticed your username, lolz!