Secondhand wheel problems - what to look for?

When buying second hand wheels, what problems should I look for? Besides buckling and bent spokes, what else should I keep an eye out for?

Cracking around the spoke holes, cog and lockring thread condition, bearing play, dings in the rim, sidewall wear. That should cover you.

yep, i’ll second that call to check cracks around spoke holes! i recently bought some mavic cosmics off poobay, and there were huge cracks from the spoke holes, running beyond half the depth of the rim on both sides!

seller wasn’t very receptive until i applied pressure via paypal. eventually got (most of) my money back.

I’ll also second that - I once bought a nice pair of vintage track wheels only to discover the spoke holes were rooted prompting a complete rebuild.

I should have bought from reliable sources (not ebog) or even better spent a bit more and gone for a new build using nos parts - something I’ve been doing ever since.

Well, I’ll just be looking for a front wheel, so the threads are not really an issue, but thanks for the advice on the other things I should look for.

Just buy that HED3 no spoke holes. :evil:

or take it to the next level and buy a disc. Buy two. :evil:

As I said the ebay thread, I considered it to make my bike the ultimate hipster / TARCK bike (rear arrospok, HED 3 front), but funds will not allow. :expressionless: