secret fix

i wanted to build somting that might make me feel like riding at a more leisurly pace, something a little relaxed. here goes, mostly recycled parts, execpt for a cotterpin, chain and tyres from kmart. the 27, 1 1/4 fixed rear wheel was what really made this project happen, found it on an old repco exercycle which turned out to be a bonanza of parts for a bike of this vintage, the seat and grips also came off it as will a new b.b.
Basket is off my girls bike (she thinks it makes her look to cutesy) and am currently building a wooden carrier for the back (inspired by the woody at ‘alternative needs transport’ but about $299 cheaper. everything else came out of my parts boxes.

now all you need is a puppy to sit in the basket.
rad looking bike =D

Did I see this parked outside Mario’s today?
Either way, looks good. Been toying with the idea of an old school “leisurely” fixed ride.

see, now this i REALLY like.
all recycled parts, built to a purpose, and looks great.
bet it’s a lot of fun to ride.
and i know it didn’t cost almost a thousand bucks like some people would have you spend.
this is probably one of my favorite bikes that i’ve seen on this site.

and yes i know it’s a shock, but i can also be positive and effusive about a bike.